Friday, March 11, 2011

Search begins for a giant new planet.

Astronomers are on the hunt for a massive undiscovered planet lurking in our own solar system.

The new planet could be four times the size of Jupiter and is thought to be situated 375 times further away from the sun than Pluto. Some scientists believe NASA's Wise telescope has already picked up evidence that its there and that it will be confirmed within the next two years.

Thoughts on the alleged planet? The idea that a gas giant, or brown dwarf has remained undetected (or unverified) until now is fascinating. Many people have heard of the proposed brown dwarf companion to the Sun, Nemesis, while even more people have heard of Planet X which is considered to be "Nibiru" for some. (Though I won't get into that here.)

We've learned over the years that it's not uncommon for stars to have a companion, and some have multiple. (But those systems so far have been seen as not being conducive for life to have enough time to evolve to become as advanced as humanity. Though we have a lot to learn.)

Any thoughts about the proposed gas giant being sought by scientists? Do you believe there's a body out there bigger than Earth in our system? Possibly even a brown dwarf?